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December 07 2017

Całuję Cię strasznie natrętnie - tak jak nawet nie przypuszczasz, że potrafię
— Twój Jeremi
i wtedy Ty wybaczasz moje wady,
wybaczasz błędy, rozumiesz moje sprawy i koisz nerwy, odbijam ten zepsuty świat gdy idę tędy z Tobą.

December 06 2017

Roxanne but every time they sing Roxanne it gets 5% faster
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When you see someone back in your friends feed after a long time...
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what's your excuse
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On Copying: The Internet vs Companies
Back when I started deviantART i learnt you’re not supposed to copy (let alone trace) artworks, which is true, and an important lesson. And god forbid you forget to credit the original artists without getting bashed online.
It was until I got employed that I realized people in the workplace don’t even care whether their employees copied or not, as long as what they make sells. These people care less about intended similarities between works than people on the internet.

Moral of the story: plagiarism is a big no-no, but copying? most companies won’t care as much as an average artist on the internet will. Elaborate internet hate is real.
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