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October 21 2019

seeing people handling ice cores gives me this anxious reverence, probably because its a piece of ancient history that would simply melt at room temperature and then it would completely use it's value.

also i kinda wanna lick it.

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Magic Wormhole

Get things from one computer to another, safely.

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so you don't really know what you wanna say with this reference either? it doesn't hugely suprise me. but for this discussion it's more relevant much much redder the list was 40 years ago, to make the point that traditional marriage is, generally speaking, trash.

oh you mean NPC meme #5126, that is generally used when discussing the specificity of contracts? seen it a thousand times. do i need to explain why i think it's a shitty idea to have a long term relationship without working out some solid agreements? or even leave it to a tradition that 30 years ago discovered that maybe rape is bad? or is it more like "contracts are bullshit because they can't cover every possible case"? i have no idea. i guess you have no choice but to show me the meme now.

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