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October 21 2019

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you finally sneak into the dragon’s cave and find his treasure chest. you open it and there is just a macaroni drawing by the dragon’s son.

“ITS TREASURE TO MEEEEE” the dragon bellows 

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yea, figures. tho at the same time they apparently claim to be the only legit feminists, but then again, it seems kinda fashionable recently to claims to the extent that every 'true' leftist is a marxoid, so.. 🤷

please don't call them rad tho. as a proponent of radness this makes me sad. :P

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your face looks fine, don't worry.

And straight after that "noone is buying my body" yeah bitch, nice word play, it's not buying it's just loaning.

okay, who's lending their body then when people have non-commercial sex? are massagers renting out their hands? what about construction workers? if you rent their bodies that means you can fuck them, right? no. because it's about actions, not bodies.

whereas with traditional marriage (okay, there are many traditions of course, but let's talk about those who legalize marital rape) there is no negotiable agreement what to do together, and that's the problem. plus the whole forever thing, which i would consider pretty inappropriate in a contract..

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via Depresja na wesoło.
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